The National Coalition to Protect Family Leave is a diverse, broad-based, nonpartisan group of leading companies and associations dedicated to making technical corrections to the Family and Medical Leave Act to make the practical application of the law more consistent with the original intent.
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The Coalition favors passage of legislation that will correct the Family and Medical Leave Act, incorporating such technical corrections as:
restoring the meaning of “serious health condition” to the original Congressional intent,
clarifying the definition of “incapacitated”,
modifying “intermittent leave” to allow half-day increment tracking,
streamlining record keeping, and
allowing employers to offer a choice between FMLA benefits or paid sick-leave.
The Coalition strongly opposes any expansion legislation. Expanding a law that is not working properly will only exacerbate the problems that employees and employers are having under the law’s misapplication.

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Why “Medical Leave” Urgently Needs to be Fixed
Even as we recognize the benefits of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) over the past 12 years, part of the Act’s “medical leave” urgently needs to be repaired to address inconsistent application of that part of the law and preserve the integrity of the system and better serve those Congress intended to protect.

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FMLA Expansion and flex-time amendments offered in Senate and withdrawn
Sen. Feingold’s (D-WI) FMLA expansion amendment (#3400) to S. 2400, Department of Defense authorization legislation was offered on the Senate floor and later withdrawn after Chairman Gregg of the Senate HELP Committee and Chairman Warner of the Armed Services Committee offered an amendment that would have modified the Feingold amendment to also provide military families with flex time to the Feingold measure. Both the Feingold and Gregg-Warner amendments were withdrawn after Senator Feingold said he wanted to avoid a protracted debate. Consequently, the Department of Defense authorization legislation passed the full Senate without any FMLA expansion-related provision….details

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